2022 Texas Gulf Coast CFC Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC)

The LFCC is comprised of local Federal officials. These individuals serve as the campaign’s governing body, providing year-round leadership and governance support to the local campaign.

LFCC Chair
Michael Lightner

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

LFCC Admin Officer/ Secretary
Veronica Holmes

Federal Aviation Administration

Dr. Rose Caballero
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Sheila Walden
Environmental Protection Agency

Elisa Garza
Customs and Border Protection

LFCC Vice Chair
Melissa Patronella

Office of Natural Resources Revenue

FEB Executive Director
Julius Keys

Defense Contract Management Agency

Capt. Jason Smith
Coast Guard Sector Houston/Galveston

Debra Tarr
International Revenue Service 

Landa Harris 
Federal Retiree - US Postal Service


The CFC is successful because of their unwavering leadership and support. Thank You LFCC Members!

Outreach Coordinator (OC) MP May, Inc.

The OC is contracted by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to conduct marketing, outreach, education, training, and event coordination for the local campaign.

Tara Ballard
Zone Manager
[email protected]

Gwen Harris
Zone Manager - US Postal Service
[email protected]

Mike May
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

Jennifer Howard
VP/ Chief Operations Officer
[email protected]

Courtney Placke
Executive Administrator
[email protected]